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Companion Pet Clinic of Klamath Falls

Laser Surgery

In the hands of our veterinarian in Klamath Falls, the Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation (LASER) device uses a certain wavelength of light energy to “cut” tissues during a surgical procedure.

In pet surgery, a laser can be used to take the place of a traditional, stainless steel scalpel. The laser essentially vaporizes water in the skin and soft tissues, creating an incision as the surgeon guides the instrument over the targeted areas. The veterinary surgeon expertly controls the amount of laser absorption, so that only the intended area is cut, and nearby tissues are not touched, during pet laser surgery.

Pet Laser Surgery: Procedures Performed With The Laser

The laser can be used in many types of soft-tissue surgery (in pets or humans). Our veterinarian in Klamath Falls may use a laser for routine surgeries or more advanced procedures, including: 

  • Spaying or neutering your pet (ovariohysterectomy and castration).

  • Removal of skin tumors and other dermatological procedures.

  • Eyelid surgery such as correcting ectropion eyelids (turned outward) or entropion lids (turned inward).

  • Mouth or throat surgery.

  • Biopsies.

  • And more.

Laser Surgery Benefits For Pets

Advantages of pet laser surgery in Klamath Falls, over procedures performed with a conventional scalpel, include:

  • Causes less post-op pain: Post-surgery pain is less with lasers because the laser effectively seals off nerve endings while cutting, interrupting pain signals to the brain.

  • Allows the option of local anesthesia in some procedures: In minor and relatively quick surgeries, such as skin tumor excision (removal), less potential pain means local anesthesia is sufficient.

  • Reduces bleeding: As the laser cuts and superheats skin/soft tissues, they are cauterized (sealed), causing hemostasis (bleeding stoppage/cessation). Reducing blood loss during surgery decreases the overall risk.

  • Provides greater precision: The laser can produce a fine beam to remove a millimeter of tissue at a time, if necessary.

  • Allows the surgeon to see better: With less bleeding, our surgeon can perform surgery quicker and with less obstruction.

  • Decreases the risk of infection: Vaporizing bodily tissues, as the laser does, eliminates bacteria in the surgical path.

  • Causes less swelling: This enhances patient comfort and contributes to quicker recovery.

  • Less recovery time: Recovery after laser surgery is often quicker than with traditional procedures. 

About Laser Therapy (It's Distinct From Laser Surgery)

We also offer laser therapy, a non-surgical use of a specific laser wavelength, designed to relieve pain and inflammation and to speed healing. Laser therapy can improve healing of wounds, bone fractures, skin problems (dermatology), arthritis and neurological conditions. 

Get Pet Laser Surgery At Our Local Klamath Falls Veterinarian

If your pet needs surgery, a laser procedure may be an option. Laser surgery is not preferred in every case, on every procedure, with every animal. Find out the best treatment methods for your pet by scheduling an exam with one our Klamath Falls veterinarians. Our team, at Companion Pet Clinic in Klamath Falls, can diagnose your pet and discuss surgical options, if necessary, to restore your pet's health. Contact us at (541) 882-7674 for an exam today.