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Companion Pet Clinic of Klamath Falls


Pets just like people need regular dental exams and teeth cleanings which is an important parts of pet wellness care.

Pet Dental Care

Just like us, dogs and cats are susceptible to tartar and plaque buildup, which can lead to serious health problems like gingivitis and periodontal disease. Without prompt care, these can be extremely painful for fury friend and make it difficult for them to eat food or even play a game of fetch. Regular dental exams are the best way to reduce the risk for these serious problems and avoid costly health care cost that can be avoided.

Here is an exam of the tarter build up your pet can have.  Regular cleaning and examinations by your veterinarian can go a long way to keeping your pet happy and healthy. 

Steps You Can Take To Help Reduce Bad Breath In Pets:

1. Brush your pet’s teeth daily is the best way to keep your pet’s mouth free from bacterial buildup and help control bad breath.

2. Giving your pet safe chew toys to gnaw on is a natural way to help clean your dog’s teeth. 

3. Make sure your pet is on a healthy diet. There is one diet such as Hill's T/D.  It is specially formulated to help reduce tartar build up.

4. Schedule regular dental cleanings with your veterinarian. Be sure your pet has his teeth cleaned at least once every year.  Anesthesia is required to do a good job of evaluating the entire tooth and gums and to address any problem areas and remove any problem teeth. 


  • Sedation/Anesthesia

  • IV catheter & IV fluids

  • Surgical Monitoring (blood pressure, EKG, PO2 and temperature)

  • Heated surfaces during procedure

  • Dental exam

  • Dental charting

  • Ultra-sonic scaling

  • Fluoride polishing

  • Before & after photos

Extractions and other services are an additional charge.